This Page Last Updated on: Friday, September 22, 2017

March 15, 2005:

- Finished '2005' page.

- Started on site redesign

March 24, 2005:

- Finished site redesign

March 25, 2005:

- Added a page with Pontiac Intake Manifold Part Numbers

April 10, 2005:

- Fixed links to named anchors on the bottom of all of the cam specs pages, and head flow pages.

May 25, 2005:

- Split the massive 'links' page into several pages, so that you wouldn't have to wait for all of the manufacturer's logos to download...

May 26, 2005:

- Fixed the main nav menu link to download DD2000 files for stock Pontiac cams

June 1, 2005:

- Added a page for Pontiac Rear End Gear Codes

June 6, 2005:

- While working to put a 1968 Pontiac Service Manual online, I ended up having one massive folder with 2,000+ files in it. This made it a nightmare to navigate. In light of this, I had to organize my files. This may cause certain links to be broken. If any links are broken, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know by using the contact form. I will fix everything as quickly as possible. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

June 10, 2005:

- Okay, I think I have all of the links fixed. Drop me a line if there are any problems...

June 10, 2005:

- I finished with the 1968 Pontiac Service Manual. It can be browsed online here.

July 5, 2005:

- Fixed 'transfer lug' photo links on the 'Engine ID How To' page.

August 22, 2005:

- The site is recovering from a failed hard drive right now... Basically, when I synchronized my local site with the hosted site, I ended up uploading corrupted files. A new hard drive took care of the failure, but some of the pages on the site may still be broken. I have tried to fix them all, but if I missed something, let me know. Drop me a line if there are any problems...

September 5, 2005:

- I just finished the putting the 1968 Fisher Body Manual Online. It can be viewed here. If you see any problems (i.e. broken links, etc.), drop me a line, and I will try to fix it lickedy-split.

September 15, 2005:

- Fixed nav menu links from a recent site reorganization. I guess my testing of the new menu was skewed by not clearing my browser cache. Sorry for any inconvenience... If you see any problems (i.e. broken links, etc.), drop me a line. Thanks to John for pointing this out to me!

July 9, 2006:

- Migrated the site to a new web host. Ipowerweb was great, but with 1and1, I can host three sites (instead of two) and get 5 times the storage space, twice the bandwidth, and a better admin section, for about half the cost. All in all, 1and1 is working out much better. If you see any problems (i.e. broken links, etc.), drop me a line.

July 14, 2006:

- Put the actual .ISOs of my Pontiac Manuals online, so that you can actually download them and burn them to a disc to be run from your computer. This would be much quicker than waiting for each page to download... There are Autorun files on each .ISO that will work in Windows systems. I am working on some '' files so that the autorun will also work on Linux/Mac systems. That will probably have to wait for the redesign... I should be done with that in a month or so. If you see any problems (i.e. broken links, etc.) with the .ISOs, or just have a suggestion, drop me a line.

September 23, 2006:

- Performed mild updates to site, including new Service Manual ISO, and Body Manual ISO. Also, the online manuals are now higher res. Unfortunately, if you do not use broadband internet service, it will be painful to use, as most of the images are quite large. You would be better off downloading the ISO overnight and burning it to a disc for local browsing.

September 25, 2006:

- Performed some minor updates to the Intake Manifold Page, due to some errors I overlooked. Luckily, some folks from the First Gen Firebird Mailing List noticed them...

July 6, 2009:

- I noticed today that my nav menu was completely missing. From the looks of it, it's been gone for quite a while. I just never go to the site to check up on it... I apologize to anyone that tried using the site, as the site map isn't too much fun to use. I think I have the nav menu issue sorted out, but if you see any problems, drop me a line and I'll try to get it sorted out quickly (instead of waiting two years to check up on it!). Thanks!

July 9, 2009:

- This update was minor, updating some manufacturer web links, along with annotating the link pages with notes concerning companies that either are out of business, or SEEM to be out of business.

July 10, 2009:

- While I was looking at cam vendors websites to update my cam database, I discovered only a few new cams (and quite a few companies that are either out of business, or the only way to get a Pontiac cam was to custom order one). I also updated some cam part numbers and grind numbers. However, I also noticed that about 15 of my Lunati cam entries had some incorrect information. My mistake is that I inadvertently put a cam's intake lobe centerline number where it's separation angle should be. The list of affected cams is as follows: 07701, 307A2LUN (thru 307A5LUN), 40706, 407A1LUN (thru 407A5LUN), and 507A1LUN (thru 507A6LUN). If you have taken note of this information for educational use, I would recommend checking out the Lunati page for the corrected information. I will be verifying my DD2000 cam files, and after my review is complete, I will post new files for download. I apologize for the inconvenience, and will post an update when the new files are available (if necessary).

*** UPDATE: I reviewed the cam files in question, and only one was incorrect (Lunati part number 40706). I fixed the cam file (and all other files using that particular cam file), and everything is good to go. I guess there was just some disconnect between inputting the data into DD2000 and making the charts for the site...

July 10, 2009:

- After sorting out the business with the inconsistent cam files, I added some new cam specs and cam files. Most of these are older cams that I overlooked when I originally put the site together, but a few are newer. The new cams are on the following pages: Crane Cams, Howard's Cams, Isky Cams, Lunati, and Schneider Racing Cams. The new cams will stand out, being denoted with a "Star"symbol. The cam files for the new cams are uploaded, and I added them to the complete cam file libraries as well. As usual, any questions or comments are appreciated.

December 12, 2009:

- Added flow number file graciously donated to the site for a set of ported 7K3 heads (done by SD Performance). Thanks Mike! I updated all of the head library zip files as well. Mike, I promise, I will get some of the screwy cam numbers straightened out... one day :)

September 22, 2017:

- Well, I spent some time cruising the site, stumbling across things that were 'off', changed, or otherwise borked, and it finally motivated me to make time for the long-standing need to modernize/update the site. It will still take a bit, squeezing it in between work/school/etc., however, it will happen!

In any case, before even starting the design phase, I will be moving to another web host, finally getting sick of the Control Panel of my current host. So, in the next couple of weeks, if the site is absent, it will be back shortly (in its current form; redesign will take a bit, but host change SHOULDN'T take too long). I just wanted to let folks know, in case they relied on the Service/Body Manual pages.