Engine and Transmission
Item Description Source/PN Cost DONE
Block Stock XH N/A N/A x
Machine Work Bore, Align Hone, Deck, etc. Built by D (Yuba City) $750.00
Rotating Assembly Eagle 455 Crank 4.25" stroke 3" Mains, Ross Pistons 4.15" bore, 6.8" Eagle long Rods (BBC?) Kauffman Racing Equipment $1,820.00
Rod Bolts * Rod bolts included (ARP rod bolts), Request ARP Pro-Series Wave-Lock    
Piston Rings * Piston Rings included, Request Total Seal Max Seal rings…    
Piston Ring Access. * QuickSet Powder for rings Summit Racing #TSR-QS $20.00
Crank Access. * Possible RRE Crank work (for Radii)    
Bearings * Rod/Main/Cam Bearings    
Freeze Plugs/Block Plugs Pioneer Brass Freeze Plugs Kauffman Racing Equipment $20.00
Main Studs ARP    
Main Caps Pro Gram Billet Caps Kauffman Racing Equipment $615.00
Head Studs ARP    
Stud Girdle KRE Custom Stud Girdle Kauffman Racing Equipment $130.00
Lifter Brace T&D Lifter Brace Kauffman Racing Equipment $180.00
Windage Tray Canton Windage Tray Kauffman Racing Equipment $75.00
Timing Chain/Gear Edelbrock Noisy Gear Drive Summit Racing #EDL-7895 $230.00
Damper Romac SFI-approved Kauffman Racing Equipment $250.00
Damper Bolt ARP Square Drive Damper Bolt   $20.00
Rear Main Seal BOP Rear Main Seal (Viton) Kauffman Racing Equipment $35.00
Oil Pan Moroso 6qt. Low-Profile Year One #XM396 $220.00
Oil Pan Access. Oil Pan Gasket Year One #S158 $20.00
Oil Filter Housing Wenzler, Filter Bypass eliminated Kauffman Racing Equipment $55.00
Oil Pump High-pressure Milodon Year One #XM443 $50.00
Oil Pump Access. Oil Pan Screened Pickup Year One #XM439 $50.00
Oil Pump Access. Heavy-duty Oil Pump Drivershaft (Milodon) Year One #HD43 $20.00
Oil Pump Access. Windage Tray    
Oil Pump Access. Crankshaft Scraper    
Oil Pump Access. Magnetic Drain Plug Summit Racing #SUM-G15 $5.00
Oil Pump Access. Milodon Dipstick and Tube Summit Racing # $55.00
Cam   Rock and Roll Engineering $250.00
Cam Bolts ARP Pro-Series Cam Bolts    
Flywheel Hays Steel Billet Flywheel Summit Racing #HAY-13-130 $235.00
Flywheel Bolts ARP Summit Racing #ARP-290-2802 $22.00
Transmission 6-Speed Double Overdrive Manual (Tremec T56-650) Keisler Automotive Engineering $4,000.00
Bellhousing (included in Transmission Kit)    
Bellhousing Studs ARP    
Front Timing Cover KRE Billet (use SBC Water Pump) Kauffman Racing Equipment $325.00
Timing Cover Bolts ARP, SS    
Clutch Centerforce Dual-friction (Unknown which will fit 6-speed??)   $350.00
TOTAL: $9,802.00